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I am a multi-disciplinarian with years of EXPERIENCE

in administrative AND communications roles, highlighted by a passion for aesthetics and hands-on creative pursuits.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Campbell University and a coaching certificate from the Center for Transformational Presence. 

My varied work experience led me to design, a medium that combines my love of stories and aesthetics, and the founding of Local Color Branding. 

    • Contract Marketing Communications role focused on marketing strategy development and execution. Additional responsibilities:

    • Digital marketing including social media and Google ads

    • Marketing collateral design

    • Content marketing and design management

    • Lighting design renderings

    • Plan and execute monthly magazine content plan

    • Identify and contact feature story candidates, including cover families and nonprofit organizations

    • Coordinate photo shoots with magazine photographer

    • Write, proofread, and edit magazine content

    • Liaise with publishers, guest writers, graphic designer, magazine sponsors, and other stakeholders

    • Lead EOA responsible for overseeing, training, and mentoring business unit EOAs onsite as well as in corporate and international locations as well as accomplishing tasks as directed by VP/GM and other C-level executives

    • Accomplished PR functions for the business unit, serving as a business unit POC for outside organizations, and comfortably liaised with senior executives inside and outside the company as well as various internal departments

    • Administrative responsibilities

      • Communications:  Business unit newsletter lead (designed, created logo, wrote, edited, and oversaw distribution), executed digital communication initiatives from creation to distribution, lead for business unit mass email communications

      • Event planning, travel planning, meeting scheduling

      • Charitable campaign and local political strategy oversight

      • Managed hiring process for new EOAs

    • Expanded EOA role beyond traditional scope


i also have a ton of hobbies.

If it's hands-on and/or art-y, I have probably tried it or thought about trying it. 

I am an amateur photographer and have created interior designs for friends, remodeled my own homes, painted more walls than I can count, learned out to use a miter saw and sew, and much more. I have a bit of a green thumb and eclectic taste in home interiors. I am also a reader who's interested in most things esoteric. (If you happen to be into Human Design, let me know!) I even had a brief run as a co-host for a hobby podcast called There Are No Tangents before life got too busy to keep it up. Even though black is my favorite color, I love colorful art...hence the name of my collage hobby/side hustle Colorful Humans.

I currently live in Asheville, North Carolina, with my family and two black pets.

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