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A Brief Non-Expert & Un-Researched Case for Long Exposure Photography

Lately I’ve experimented a bit with long exposure photography. (Disclaimer: I am not an experienced professional photographer.) I don’t presume to be trendy - perhaps long exposure was at some point hip and I’m behind the times. Maybe it’s never achieved a widespread cool factor (that would be hard to believe?). In any case, I think it’s cool, or can be, depending on application.

I've also experimented with layering a still fragment of the image over the long exposure image, which I think is an interesting effect.

So what case am I attempting to make? Just a few points, really:

Long exposure suggests dynamism. There’s movement, a liveliness, that differs from what you see in still photography.

It can draw attention to a focal point, enhancing your visual message.

It’s a bit edgy and whimsical. Long exposure photography stands out and adds a bit of magic, mystery, and wonder to your design.

Finally, it just looks awesome.

What do you think about long exposure photography? Have you ever experimented with it?

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