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Are your attachments holding you back?

What attachments are creating boundaries in your life?

What are you attached to that is setting conditions for you?

Maybe it’s a relationship. Maybe it’s an ego story.

One life-long attachment I’ve held is pleasing other people, and the conditions that attachment has created for me have been restrictive and frustrating; they have held me back from doing not only what I wanted to do but also what I am here to do. I understand through hours of self-reflection and therapy where that attachment comes from, but an intellectual understanding is insufficient to release attachment.

The remedy has come in the form of coaching, intuition work, and asking myself the right questions so that I can find the right answers to move forward. I have had to work to shift my relationship to people-pleasing in order to take what’s mine - to realign to my unique purpose.

In my heart, I’m a rebel. I do things my way. I’m not who others expected me to be. And it feels amazing and expansive.

Outstretched arm holding a bouquet of orange poppies, dark pink peonies and yellow and purple irises in front of an open dutch door

Take some time to reflect on attachments that might show up in your life that are creating conditions for you. What would be possible if you shifted your relationship to those attachments and drew your own boundaries?

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