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Essence-Based Brand Identity

Heart-Centered Story

I think of brand essence as the setting for your heart-centered story: both a location that is desirable to your audience and the means by which they encounter and experience you and your services.

Visual Language with Purpose

Templates and stock images are fine if you don’t want to differentiate your brand, but your audience will recognize the lack of attention and intention in your brand essence. For your brand to stand out in your field, your visual language must stand out too.

Your Business's Essence

You want your brand identity to represent who you are at your essence. That’s where coaching comes in. You know you better than anyone else; through fun and experiential coaching techniques, you access your inner guidance to locate your own visual brand essence.

Your Business's Unique Resonance

You offer a unique service to your clients, so don’t settle for stock images and generic templates. You have created an impactful brand when your clients see you exactly the way you want them to see you. Understanding your clients and demonstrating why you are the ideal business to help them with their specific needs are central to an effective and heart-centered brand. Your values and uniqueness are front and center when establishing a brand - they are what set you apart. Authentically representing your brand through your brand identity will not only lend your business a sense of credibility and trustworthiness but will also resonate with your audience on a deep emotional level.

As you explore and express your brand identity, each decision, made with attention and intention, is strung to the next, forming a string of pearls, unique, valuable, and beautiful - an offering of love, your essence exalted and encapsulated in a gift to yourself and the world.

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