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Empowering Clients - Gate 7

I knew that I wanted to become a coach before I discovered Human Design, but as I’ve learned more about my BodyGraph, I can’t help but see the inextricable links between my coaching mission and style and my design. As a Seeker and through my exploration of some of these gates, others can get a sense of how I see myself and how these energies might present themselves as I coach.

I’m not a certified Human Design reader and I’ve never had a professional reading done - I’ve only explored on my own and started putting some of the pieces together and intuitively applying them through self-reflection.

Empowering clients through the Gate of the Role of the Self to find their inner strength

I see my mission as a coach springing from Gate 7 in my north node (movement from who I've always been to the person I'm meant to be), which is called “The Gate of the Role of the Self.” This gate carries a leadership energy, the energy for empowering others and serving as a catalyst for new directions; it signifies the ability to see the inner power that others possess and guiding them to access it. It’s important to realize, as a person with this gate, that the higher expression of it is in realizing that my leadership will only be recognized as I support the greater good.

I wrote my coaching approach and offerings without understanding that through Gate 7, I have this energy of seeing and helping others access their inner power. I did know, however, that a big part of my journey in this life is learning how to access and use my own inner power, a journey of tuning into my intuition and tuning out external voices. It’s a true journey, as other “natural” (conditioned) people-pleasers will understand, and it takes time to unravel our conditioning that what we want and need comes after the wants and needs of others. It’s learning to say “no” to others when we need to and to say “yes” to ourselves first.

Because learning to trust myself is such a huge part of my personal narrative, I knew that it’s in this area specifically that I would like to help others. Exploring Gate 7 and the ways in which it might play out is a reflection of my inner knowing - I don’t need this validation, but it feels great to see it here in my chart!

We can learn to reliably tap into our inner strength via our intuition so that we are living in alignment.

The true point is that through coaching, specifically transformational coaching methods, we can learn to reliably tap into our inner strength via our intuition so that we are living in alignment. With Gate 7 in my design, I have a natural leadership ability that I have translated into my role as a co-creative partner in service to my clients and empowering them to reach their goals.

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