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Give yourself the credit you deserve.

Why do I believe the most powerful questions are those we ask ourselves? There is a deeper, more authentic quality to the questions we ask as opposed to the questions that come from outside of us. I believe that when we’re ready to ask the questions, we’re ready for discovery. Curiosity and courage are key: Some questions are difficult to ask, and the answers even more difficult to find or explore.

Light-colored hot air ballon from which two people float over a dome with old building roofs and spires in the background in Prague

What is discovery, then?

It is more than finding a solution to a problem; seekers are after the true and felt revelation of a previously unseen reality. A discovery is awe-inspiring, not easily forgotten or moved past.

A catalyst for transformation.

Discovery is a catalyst for transformation.

As a coach, I act as a guide and mirror through my quality of presence, and I tease out subtleties in the messages you receive during a session through further questions and reflection. I trust that what you learn will be a powerful gift for me as well, but my goal is for your discoveries to be your own. You are fully autonomous in each session, and I want you to leave knowing that any new information you discovered came through the power of your own intuition. Give yourself the credit you deserve.

What are you seeking? Are you ready for discovery?

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