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How is transformational coaching different from traditional coaching?

How is transformational coaching different from transactional coaching?

Traditional coaching typically uses transactional coaching methods and is strategic. It is a transactional exchange between a coach and client based on the client’s defined goals and a coach’s ability to help clarify and explore strategies for achieving those goals.

Transactional coaching is a problem-solution approach, with a goal of getting from Point A to Point B efficiently with the use of defined processes, and change usually occurs through cognitive thinking and concrete action.

Transformational coaching is about a quality of being rather than a state of doing.

Transformational coaching goes beyond problems and solutions to the energy and potential in a given situation. It is about a quality of being rather than a state of doing and marks a shift from intellect-driven approaches.

While clients may bring the same types of topics to transformational coaching, the coach will guide them on a deeper dive into self-exploration and how the client wants to show up in the world.

In transformational coaching, new information and change come through all three centers of intelligence (mind, body, and heart).

Green and snow-capped mountains beyond a large lake under a canopy of fluffy white clouds and bright blue sky

How do you know which type of coaching to choose? Here are a few questions to to ask yourself:

  1. Are you self-aware or interested in developing your self-awareness?

  2. Are you willing to dive under the surface of your challenges to explore what is beneath?

  3. Are you prepared to use your intuition to gather information about your goals?

  4. Do you want to evolve your quality of presence in the world and how you show up for yourself and those around you?

Reach out to a coach who uses transformational tools if you are ready to deepen your intuitive awareness for decision-making. The depth of discovery will take you far beyond the average problem-solution approach to coaching.

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