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brand identity for

colorful humans

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I am Lisa Van Hoever, and Local Color is my singular approach to brand expression, streamlining the creative process by weaving intuitive coaching with creative communication to build a brand identity that authentically expresses your essence as a heart-centered entrepreneur and cultivates an emotional connection with your audience.

A singular approach to brand expression

Essence-based brand identity


Visual Language

Brand identity is the visual language with which you communicate and engage your audience. This language tells your story beyond words and becomes an experience for your audience, determining how they will feel about your business. Your visual language tells a story consistent with that of your verbal messaging.


Sense of Place

Great brand identities communicate a sense of place, a community where your clients want to be, either literally or metaphorically, creating impact via emotional connection and evoking a feeling of belonging.


Mission Support

This is why essence is important. Your brand identity reflects who you are as a heart-centered helping professional. Your clients seek you out because you offer a desirable community and are uniquely positioned to provide the services they seek. The authentic expression of your brand supports and sustains your mission.

The creative process



My goal is to provide the visual media services you need to establish your brand identity, from coaching through the creative process - from logos to website design.​



We work together to build the brand identity that authentically represents your uniquely resonant essence as a heart-centered entrepreneur. 

After our exploratory conversation, I create a brand lookbook designed to catalyze your branding process, including imagery, color palettes and typography inspired by your keywords and concepts.

At the conclusion of our collaborative creative process, I deliver your assets with full ownership so that you retain ultimate control.



I aim to deliver quality products at a price point that even brand-new entrepreneurs with limited budgets can afford.

Location via language: Your essence made visually manifest



Client-led co-creative process


Growing community rather than influence


Affordable bespoke products


Authentic aesthetics & language

Beauty sparks joy
Images tell a story beyond words.

If you are ready to build your uniquely resonant brand identity, I would love to collaborate with you.

Lisa does an absolutely fantastic job, and at very reasonable rates, to help small businesses with their branding designs and websites! She is one of the kindest people I have ever worked with, and she makes it a joy to step through the process with her. I highly recommend her to small businesses who feel overwhelmed by high priced, or unreliable, alternatives for graphic, design, and web design!

I LOVE the way that you write.  Absolutely love it.  I’ve had quite a few articles written about me and on camera interviews or features. Yours are my favorite. Thank you for paying attention to what we said and writing the story around that, rather than writing us into the story that you want. BOOM. Profound!

Our conversation was so helpful - and rebooted the trajectory of the rest of my day...Thanks for helping me connect with this new learning. 

When I started working with Lisa, I had no idea her style of coaching would be so impactful! The way she is able to help you see the potential that is locked inside of you is absolutely amazing! As a business owner, I never realized how powerful I could really be. Her style of coaching gave me a deep look inside me, a place I wasn't aware of. We all have truly wonderful gifts and talents, and sometimes we just need help walking through the deep weeds of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings that everyday duties of life can distort.


Lisa has been nothing short of amazing in helping me to see who I am, as well as who I can be. She's helped me to see that it's okay to be me. She has increased my conviction, and my dedication to resolve. My confidence in who I am and what I do is so much better than it was, not only in my business but in my family life as well. Her coaching style, although a little different, is done with compassion, care, and understanding.


I've had my share of coaching over the years, mostly the "just do it" style, and I can honestly say that what Lisa has done for me has truly been a blessing in my life, as my wife and family would agree! I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking to improve themselves! Thanks, Lisa, I appreciate the journey we are on, and it's not over!

Our conversation was so helpful - and rebooted the trajectory of the rest of my day...


Thanks for helping me connect with this new learning. 

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